About us

Partnership/LAG K2 is an association of citizens, founded on August 17th, 2019, registered in accordance with the Law on Associations, includes representatives of the public, private and civil sector of the rural area Sremski Karlovci – Kovilj (K2 area).The K2 area is coherent, clearly defined, with the population of two settlements, within the territory of two local self-government units, Sremski Karlovci and the city of Novi Sad, the local community of Kovilj. The territory covers an area of ​​156 km2 with 14,164 inhabitants.

There are protected natural assets in the area: NP “Fruška gora” and Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit.

The headquarters of the Partnership/LAG K2 is in Sremski Karlovci.
One of the goals for which it was established, is the implementation of the RD Strategy by mobilizing participants at the local level to implement rural development activities based on LEADER approach.

The Partnership/LAG K2 identifies and formulates problems, provides contacts with aim to become positioned as a key factor in the rural development of the Sremski Karlovci – Kovilj area.