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LRDS Closing Conference

The final conference was held in Sremski Karlovci in the new, just finished premises of the Ecological Center “Radulovacki”, which officially opened this hall with a capacity of up to 70 participants. Participants from Sremski Karlovci and Kovilj met finally, in the last step of process of creation the LRDS. The atmosphere between the participants, in the beautiful ambience of the Ecological Center, was extraordinary on a pleasant June sunny day, as shown on the following photos.


Završna konferencija


25th June 2020


Sremski Karlovci


Prezentacija celokupnog toka procesa, prezentacija ruralnog razvoja Baranje i uloge LAG Baranja kao primera dobre prakse, prezentacija nekih ideja za razvoj od strane građana, zvanično zatvaranje participativnog dela procesa izrade LRDS.


50 participants from Sremski Karlovci and Kovilј


Presentation of the entire process, presentation of rural development in Baranja and the role of LAG Baranja as an example of good practice, presentation of some ideas for development by citizens, official closing of the participatory part of the LSRR process.