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Formation of the Founding Board

On 7/18/2019 year, in the premises of the association “Danube 1245” from Sremski Karlovci was held the first meeting on the possibility of establishing a joint partnership for rural development of the municipalities of the City of Novi Sad – MZ Kovilj and the municipality of Sremski Karlovci.

The reason for the meeting is the Public Invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture to finance the development of a partnership strategy in the Republic of Serbia and the opportunity to improve the business environment and achieve new steps in the field of rural development through the formation of a new partnership and competition for development funds with the Ministry.

The meeting was organized as part of a joint initiative and on that occasion the participants agreed on the formation of the Founding Board and all participants stated their names, contact details and put their signatures on the signature list.

The previous work in this area of ​​representatives from the municipality of Sremski Karlovci was presented at the meeting, as well as the general agreement of the mayor of Sremski Karlovci that the municipal administration as a public sector will support this initiative.

Representatives of MZ Kovilj agreed to support the initiative and it was agreed to hold talks with potential members and to hold Info Days as part of the preparation of documentation for the registration of partnership/LAG with the working name K2.

Also, it was agreed that it would be necessary to animate and ensure the consent of 11 members in each unit of local self-government, so that the joint Assembly of partnerships with at least 22 members would enable the election of representatives to all working bodies provided by law.
The Founding Board was formed on the principle of participation of representatives from the public, private and civil sectors in front of each of the local self-government units – participants in the regional initiative. Accordingly, a total of 8 members representing 2 units of local self-government (4 members from Sremski Karlovci and 4 members from Kovilj) make up the Founding Board, according to the following: 1. Mladen Vernacki, Kovilj 2. Verica popov, Kovilj 3. Sanja Samoceta, Kovilj 4. Petar Viđikant, Kovilj 5. Dušica Milenković, Sremski Karlovci 6. Aleksa Jeftić, Sremski Karlovci 7. Rajko Marinković, Sremski Karlovci 8. Dejan Gluvačević, Sremski Karlovci The President of the Founding Board leads the Founding Assembly until the election of the President of the Assembly.

The role of the Founding Board ends on the day of the realization of the Founding Assembly. It was agreed that the role of the President of the Founding Board will be accepted by Mr. Aleksa Jeftić.