At the request of the Initiative Board for the construction of the “Danube Gondola” cable car in Sremski Karlovci and the Danube 1245 Association, the municipality of Cajetina organized a meeting on March 22, 2022 at 10 am in the premises of the Public Company Gold Gondola on Zlatibor. Our host was the director of the PE “Gold Gondola”, Mrs. Bojana Božanić.

The meeting was attended by members of the EB from Sremski Karlovci: Rajko Marinkovic, Nebojsa Gavrilovic, Dusan Teofilovic and Dejan Gluvacevic.

At the beginning of the meeting, we met Ms. Bojana Božanić that our board was recently formed as a civic initiative and it is clear to us that we are at the beginning of a demanding process. We see the municipality of Cajetina as someone who was at the level of the task and successfully realized such a complex project, and for that reason we expressed our need, desire and readiness to come to Cajetina and hear first-hand information.

Zlatibor experiences

The director pointed out that even with the announcement of the construction of the gondola, the interest in investing in additional facilities and capacities on Zlatibor has increased. At the beginning, it was clear that this is an exceptional project of a tourist attraction, which is well designed and planned.

The idea of ​​the municipality of Cajetina about the construction of the gondola was aimed at the development, improvement of the tourist content of Zlatibor, the intention to ensure competitiveness on the tourism market with its uniqueness.

The capacity of the gondola is projected at 600 people per hour, with the possibility of increasing to a thousand passengers, and the trip would take about 25 minutes (maximum speed six m / s). Three stations were built for the gondola: the starting station Zlatibor – the settlement Vilidž, the intermediate station Ribnica, just before Ribnica Lake and the final station at the top of Tornik.

The international tender renowned French company Pomagalski (POMA), as the most favorable bidder, was entrusted with the procurement of equipment for the construction of the most valuable project of the municipality of Cajetina.

The project documentation of the Zlatibor gondola is completely adapted to this type of equipment, all in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer of basic equipment for the POMA gondola from France.

After announcing the tender for the contractor, the contract for the construction of the cable car was signed as a contractor by the consortium of MPP Jedinstvo Sevojno, Elkoms Belgrade, Amiga Kraljevo and Hidromontaža Belgrade.

The feasibility study for the construction of the Zndobor Gold Gondola, prepared by the Elkoms Design, Engineering and Consulting Company, was positively assessed and adopted by the state audit, competent bodies and institutions.

Along with the completion of the construction of the Gold Gondola, marketing is being considered, as well as ways to show the longest panoramic gondola in the world in full glory.

The director presented a number of relevant data from the idea to the realization and answered all our questions in detail. After the meeting, the host allowed us to take the gondola ride to Tornik.



Rationale for investment:

The main economic goal is the modernization and technological improvement of the existing tourist offer, better use of the potential of the tourist place with the aim of increasing business competitiveness, increasing the number of visitors, the volume of tourist services and creating new jobs for a longer period.

The positive socio-economic effects will be manifested in the longer stay of visitors, the engagement of the hotel and private sector in the provision of accommodation and accommodation services, as well as in the further infrastructural equipment of the surrounding settlements and the encouragement of development.

Without investment in infrastructure, there is no development of tourism.

There are also new jobs and activities that will be performed along with passenger transport. The market is analyzed, offers for guests, hotels, agencies are designed…

Instead of a conclusion

After lunch, we left Zlatibor full of impressions, aware that we are a civic initiative, to work on creating conditions for the implementation of one of the measures of the Local Rural Development Strategy in the field of infrastructure, knowing that investments are necessary for tourism development and that we are on the right path. be very demanding and difficult.

Our host, the director of “Gold Gondola”, gave us unreserved support for the realization of this idea and is ready to, when the time comes, submit all their contacts that they used, and to personally attend certain meetings where she could help with with his experience and the experience of the team that led the whole process.

“Danube Gondola” is a regional project of the area Sremski Karlovci – Kovilj (MZ of the city of Novi Sad) and extends from the monastery in Kovilj, over Kovilj-Petrovaradin marsh, Danube, Dunavc and Simov breg to Strazilov, whose approximate length is about 15 km.

4 stations will be installed on this line:

  1. Kovilj Monastery
  2. Koviljsko-Petrovaradinski rit on the Kovilj side (move “Kurjačka greda”)
  3. Dunavac, near the city underpass towards the hotel “Dunav”
  4. Strazhilovo

We have to work in accordance with the decision by which we were formed.