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In accordance with the Agreement on the Use of Incentives for the Implementation of the Support Program for Agriculture and Rural Development of the Municipality of Sremski Karlovci for 2022, and in accordance with the Local Rural Development Strategy 2020-2023. incentives and support for programs related to the co-financing of the project “DEVELOPMENT OF THE KARLOVAC DANUBE” which contributes to the achievement of the strategic goals “Construction of outdoor terrain and paths” and “Outdoor classrooms” within the strategic priority goal no. 4 from the list of indicative priority goals adopted within the Local Rural Development Strategy 2020-2023. in the amount of 600,000 dinars, the Partnership for Rural Development “Sremski Karlovci – Kovilj” realized:


Realized activities:

The realization of the mentioned activities enabled the completion of the started works on the existing facilities and the improvement of the existing infrastructure on the Dunavac in Karlovac:


  1. Continued with the removal of bushes, invasive plant species, plant and communal waste along the Atar road downstream in the direction of the Danube flow in a total area of 1000 m2 and the maintenance of the Atar road upstream in the direction of the Danube flow in a total length of 1400 m, in which they are engaged lawn mower workers as well as volunteers who will revitalize the existing furniture. Continuation of the maintenance of the Atar road in the total length of 1400 m, as well as the engagement of machinery for mechanical maintenance and strengthening of the road itself, as well as the area around the immediate vicinity, up to 3 m wide, outside the Atar road.
  2. Landscaping – by leveling the plateau by engaging mechanization as well as a new amount of land, from the left side seen upstream in the direction of the Danube flow. The total area is approx. 500 m2. The arrangement of the plateau provided a new landscaped area for the implementation of educational, entertainment and recreational activities.
  3. Completion of the platform: it includes the floors as well as the installation of a protective fence on the platform next to the outdoor classroom, accessible to people with disabilities. Two ecological trash cans are placed in the nature classroom.
  4. Installation of the gate: Directly at the entrance to the special nature reserve Koviljsko-Petrovaradisnki rit-Karlovački Dunavac, a wooden gate made of acacia poles, 5.5 m high and 4.5 m wide, has been installed, which has an upgraded information board on which the basic values are graphically displayed of the special nature reserve Koviljsko – Petrovaradin rit. Due to their height and weight, the load-bearing pillars are buried 70 cm into the ground and supported by acacia pillars so that the newly built gate can be safely and adequately placed. The posted gate with a map contains the logos of the partner organizations as well as the source of funding. In the immediate vicinity of the newly built classroom in nature, a new information board with dimensions (height 3m, width 1.5m) was placed, on which some of the protected species present in the area of the Karlovac Dunavac are presented. Two new 50cm x 50cm trash cans were made. Defects on previously created objects (information boards, classroom in nature, fence…) caused by inappropriate behavior of individual visitors were also removed.
  5. Ensured visibility of project results: Project visibility is ensured through cooperation with other civil organizations, as well as with the local population (especially children and youth). Cooperation involves the dissemination of information about the implemented project and the promotion of Karlovacki Dunavac as an increasingly organized place suitable for recreation by citizens of Sremski Karlovac and visitors to Sremski Karlovac, through announcements in the media and social networks. An event was organized attended by the members participating in the project, within which the results so far will be presented, as well as a presentation of the broader values of the area with planned elements that would be implemented in this calendar year.